Lockstone One Range Rose Gold Cufflinks




Made of High-Quality Material, The Jewelry is Durable and Reliable for Long Time Use! We have the Specially Designed, Superb Styling and High-Quality Craftsmanship, the Vanacci rose gold cuff link is a great decoration for you.

One set includes 1 pairs cufflinks and features great original cuffs. Turned from a single piece of solid stainless steel and plated in 18ct rose gold. Durability and practicality for the modern man.

Simply spray your favourite fragrance onto the Lockstone material, allow it to infuse for 5 minutes and then put into the shirt. Due to their size, the cufflinks give a more subtle fragrance that will slowly diffuse your fragrance throughout the day.

  • DESIGN: We have designed our cuff links from scratch around a button style, to remove the pain of putting them on, so you spend less time battling with your cuffs and more time enjoying them and yourself.
  • GREAT MATERIAL: Cufflinks made from stainless steel; bright plating colour and fine polished, nice craftsmanship for the delicate shine.
  • DURABLE: Our cufflinks are manufactured from stainless steel, making them hard wearing and the one-piece construction gives extreme durability for everyday use.
  • Delicate design and graceful shape.
  • High-quality and 18ct gold plating.
  • Multi-purpose clothing which can be adapted to casual and formal occasions.
  • Handmade in the UK.

*We strongly recommend not using essential oils with Lockstone. Essential oils do not absorb into the material in the same way as other perfumes. Read more about Lockstone care here.

Have a great day.