Bondi Snooze Tea




Organic night time tea, peaceful, soft and sleepy 💤

Go to bed, sleepy head.

Uninterrupted sleep is no luxurious indulgence – it’s a necessity! A good night’s rest is the perfect time for our body and our mind to recuperate from exertions of the day. The irony is that we need sleep most when we are under the pump and stressed. When we are stressed, however, we often find it hard to sleep!

Bondi Snooze Tea is the perfect sleep aid when you are finding it darn right difficult to rest your head. Created by herbalists, our tea is naturally caffeine-free and tastes great too.

If you are fighting your eyes and your mind to wind down, give Bondi Snooze Tea a chance to break up with insomnia.

Good night, don’t let the bed bugs bite 🙂

Have a great day.