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Bath time should be comfortable, safe and a peaceful, bonding experience for baby and mum. Make sure your baby dips into warm, soothing bath water at a temperature just right with this innovative and fun baby bath thermometer.

The thermometer checks the temperature of the bath water and updates every second, displaying it on an easy to read LCD screen.

The temperature is displayed using an easy to read traffic light system. Orange for cold, Green for just right and Red for Hot. So you don’t need to take your eyes off the baby to see when it’s time for bath time to end.

The baby bath thermometer is also shaped like a fun rubber duck! Safe for baby to play with and making this thermometer a functional and fun bath time accessory. A must-have for mum and any little one at bath time!


Duck – Shaped baby bath thermometer

Suitability: Bathwater only

Material: Rubber PVC

Water sensor

LCD Display Size: 26*26mm

Display Solution: 0.1°C or 0.1°F

Display Range: 0-100°C ( or 32 °F-212 °F)

Accuracy: ±1°C

LCD Color Backlights: Orange(too cold39°C )

Power: Battery operated – 3 * AAA

Water Resistance: 100% waterproof

Size: 13*10*8.2cm

Net Weight: 177g


1 x Baby Bath Thermometer