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Company History
FM Group was established in 2004 in Wroclaw, Poland by Mr. Artur Trawinski. Due to its dynamic growth, in 2007 a new company – FM Group World was founded to expand the brand abroad.

Today, FM World products are known and appreciated on six continents. Over 100,000 Business Partners cooperate with FM World and this number is continually growing.

FM World Designer Inspired Fragrance Oils and Bottles
FM Perfumes are inspired by designer brands, but the same oils and essence are used to create the same scent.

The only difference you will find is that FM Fragrances are a higher grade and use 20% oils to be classed as a parfum whereas designers only use 16% oils.

To save money on costs FM scraps all the fancy packaging and instead uses beautiful, yet simple bottles and boxes, they then give their fragrance a number instead of a name, for example, FM 199 is inspired by PR One Million. Bonbons FM World AU

Where do FM Fragrance Oils come from?
(FM) World fragrance oils come from DROM Fragrances in Munich, Germany. DROM are market leaders, with a share of over 80%, which makes them the largest perfume developers and producers in the world.

As a leading brand in perfumes and fragrances, Droms client list includes such companies as L`Oreal, Beiersdorf, and Escada as well as Perfand who manufacture perfumes for FM World based on Drom’s scent compositions.

FM World Products
In line with corporate social responsibility, FM World is categorically against animal testing and the inhumane treatment of animals. FM World does not conduct or commission animal testing for other companies.