The smell is an extremely sensitive sense. Various scents make you go back in your
memories to wonderful places, exciting situations or people who were important to
you. That is why perfumes are so fascinating – you remember them for a long time.
Wherever you go, you fill the space around you with them, and they stay there long
after you are gone. That is why they should make you feel confident and exceptional.
Go on a magic trip into the world of perfumes to find your unique fragrance.


While classifying perfumes experienced creators use fragrance family a classification system also known as olfactory groups. Become familiar with the main ones to perfectly match the perfume to your personality and the occasion.

FLORAL sensual and romantic This is the most comprehensive family of fragrances. Floral compositions create fresh, ethereal and delicate bouquets. You can go ahead and experiment with scents and change them depending on the occasion. The romantic character of these perfumes was created to emphasise sensuality.

FOUGERE seductive and classic Exceptionally intriguing family of fragrances, dominated by forest, grass and herbal accords. Its name comes from French and means fern. Designed for those who appreciate the classics and value traditional beauty canons. Compositions, which represent professionalism and emphasise the style of a mature man.

CITRUS joyful and energetic Juicy fruits form an extremely refreshing citrus group provide a refreshing sensation and an amazing boost of energy. They emphasise your temperament, sociable and cheerful nature, and put you in a good mood. Perfect for people who enjoy life to the fullest.

ORIENTAL strong and untamed Fragrances associated with Far East countries, reminiscent of exotic trips, mysterious places and intriguing situations. These are compositions with warm and exotic tones. Both sweet and smoky notes appear in them. They are perfect for autumn and winter days and special occasions.

CHYPRE sensual and tempting This family is dominated by bold, strong and chic compositions. They evoke the smell of silk scarves and elegant gloves. Woody and herbal-earth notes pulsating in perfumes give them clear and fresh aroma that attracts attention and adds confidence. Suitable for people with a strong character, intriguing and sensual.

WOODY sophisticated and classy Warm and deep notes combined with refined accords create an elegant and sophisticated group of fragrances. Many of them were used to create perfumes in ancient times. They stand out with a resin, forest aroma. These moody, mysterious and noble compositions add faith to your abilities.