Become an Affiliate

Becoming an Affiliate is free!

How the system works

  • Complete the Registration & once processed you will be notified.
  • You will be sent an email with your link containing your Id.
  • You can share that link on any Social Media.
  • You can create a Facebook page here.
  • You can call it anything you like.
  • You can promote it any way you like, it’s your business but don’t panic you’re not alone, we are here to help.

Features & Benefits You can start here, there are no costs involved in becoming an Affiliate

  • Work from home & earn a generous income
  • Work when it suits you-you’re the BOSS
  • No childcare costs
  • No car required
  • No petrol costs
  • No toll costs
  • No, join up costs (limited time)
  • No ongoing fees
  • No stationery required
  • No catalogues required
  • No kits required (but they are available) Can be ordered here

Other benefits include

  • No deliveries
  • No money handling
  • No minimum orders or monthly requirements
  • No area restrictions
  • No handling of returns
  • Recognition for achievements
  • FREE ongoing support

Commision Structure

Affiliate Commission Schedule
Affiliate Fortnightly Sales

$1000 $100
$2000 $260
$3000 $450
$4000 $600
$5000** $750
$6000 $900
$7000 $1050
$8000 $1200
$9000 $1350
$10000*** $1500

*After GST & Postage
**Receive a BONUS $150 Voucher
***Receive a BONUS $500 Voucher

Bonus Commissions

These are worked out on a fortnightly basis

1st – 15th Month
16th – Last day of the Month

  • Achieve referred customer purchases of $2000^ in a fortnight – BONUS COMMISSION 3%
  • Achieve referred customer purchases of $3000^ in a fortnight – BONUS COMMISSION 5%

^Before GST & Postage

We are still working out the down-line commissions as this has a few legal requirements that we are still checking with government agencies.

Learn to Distinguish Between MLM and Pyramid Schemes

We have applied for ZipPay, AfterPay and InRent, waiting on their responses.